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tradition, roots and iniciation

Almost four years ago I started my journey to initiation. When my heart called me to walk the Offa’s dyke path in Wales, the gates opened to reconnect with ancient wisdom and medicine and to be a channel for the divine energy to flow through. More than ten years before, I had started my individual journey of reconnecting with intuition and wisdom inside. Many years I had discovered tools, practises, methods and medicine that I would later find out to be part of ancient traditions, ceremonies and spirituality. By the time I had started my heart opening journey on the path, I had profound knowledge in white table work, meditation, energetic transmissions and shamanic tools like soul retrieval, astral tavels and consciously accessing the kundalini energy by cleaning and opening the chakras. All of those things had come to me while “fixing” myself or “meditating” with friends and family. I always have had the aility to feel and see the future, and I believed in magic and spirituality long before I experienced it, yet, I was never a theoretical type. Whenever I discovered something, only after I had innerstood the medicine for myself I was open for learning about similar experiences, teachings and tools. Round about 10 years after I had experienced my first soul retrieval, I heard the name for the first time in shamanism finding out that this was a common tool in every shamanic tradition. You can imagine, how exciting it was to finally find contacts that had access to ancient wisdom, after so many years of practising tools and methods by myself.

It was on the Offas Dyke Path when I had an out of body experience and my whole system got an energetic reset. I connected and for the first time witnessed my higher self and consciousness, speaking directly to god and surrendering in being in his and her presence. This story is another chapter and you will be able to read it when my book “The rainbow woman – a phantastic journey” is published :). All you need to know is, that my life changed rapidly and holistically after that. I no longer was hiding my spirituality inside, practising for myself, but the doors opened for my teachers and guides to give names to the things I already knew and ,more importantly, experienced.

Three days after I came back from my hike, I went to a yoga festival, which turned out to be a highly spiritual festival connecting european shamanic traditions, angelistic realms, druids, buddhism, body healing, light language and all the other spiritual areas. I always imagined that there were others feeling, seeing, working like me, yet this was the first time I had found humans, teachers and traditions.

The next four years I was blessed with information, training and teaching for all over the world. Like being a student in university, I found access to mongolian shamanism through my grandfathers roots, celtic traditions and natural medicine through my maternal linage. I had a teacher in buddistic religion, reconnecting with the heritage of being a high priestess innerstanding the wisdom of the goddess; I learned from lakota medicine, was welcomed as someone sharing a second bloodline of the linage with the Mapuches in Chile and invited to learn from the Shipibos in the sacred valleys and rainforest in Peru. One of my teachers was deep into the art of kundalini yoga and the other one helping with his druidic knowledge to raise the consciousness about my energetic abilities. Ah, and not to forget my dear shamanic father teaching me about the sibirian shamans. While reflecting on my learnings from psychology I could see that in all those tradtitions and in all religions there has been the same core, the same source, the same love.

The more I navigated with my open mind the deeper I found the truth of us all being the essence of living the loving vibration of existence. The tenth revelation of the Mayas, the sacred secret of being, so beautifully shared to support each other and to grow beyond our own limitations, letting fear aside, allowing the ego to mirror our shadows and to expand towards the light like the tree of life.

Like the buddists say, when you know how to be present and live the love you are inside, there is no difference in attending a ceremony or drinking a cup of tea. All is meditation, all is medicine, all is love. And all the different traditions over the world found a way that is resonating the strongest and vibratinig most aligned with their culture to pass on the widsom and tools they are guarding like a specialist for hundrests and thousands of years.

One of my friends, guide, teacher from Mexico currently reminded me, to chose a tradition I am following and honoring. With accessing tools of a distinct path we are committing to full heartedly dive into the culture and show respect and honor, as well as support to keep the tradition and heritage flourishing. Many times, we tend to take wisdom for granded and we access and learn medicine and techniques in our eager to heal without honoring the patricular source that opened the door for us. It is a beautiful thought to chose a root of tradition and commit to learning, practising and communicating with the tradition and tribe, that is offering the guidance. And I will!

It was then after our conversation, that I understood the signs that were shown to me and my teachers were directing to this choice. After some years of playful discovering, expanding and learning my initiation is on the horizon. Following one of those traditions to deeply honor them while expanding my own medicine into a specific field of wisdom will be my greatest joy!

While our european shamanism has died and the time of the celtic traditions, high priestess and druids working side by side as spiritual warriors is over, we all have the duty to step in this space and remeber our heritage. A good friend just said to me: “It is 2021 and the time for a lifelong practise, before you can pass on some knowledge is over” and I think she is so right. Those innerstanding the speed of time and change will know, that the universe is speeding up and what can be achieve in 40 years is able to be tranferred in 4 of those when consciously chosen and heartfully embraced. The truth always was a timeless gift. Some said to me, you need the roots of a tradtition to be able to practise, and while I see this as an beautiful approach to guard the heritage and traditions of the last tribes, I know by my very own experience, that switching roots withing 5000 years of incarnation is an easy thing to do and the laws of free will allow us to create our own story and reconnect with all of our roots. What comes to you without searching for it, what is remebered inside from the past and what is expressed with all your heart will open the gates to all traditions and realms.

As long as the intention is based on truth and love, it always works and nothing else will…

Aho and love, Mary

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