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Self love and financial abundance

How your financial situation is a relfection of your self love and what you can do to increase them both

Many of us grew up with this belief you can have either money or love in your life. You are either rich or happy in love, either you find a partner for a happy family live or you pursue a fulfilling carreer. So, what if I told you today, you can have both? I would even go so far and say you can only have one if you have them both!

What do I mean by that? Well, let’s look at this scenario: Imagine you win the lottery and you become rich over night. Great, right? Yes, but already the next day you will be losing some of this money. You will spend it on the things that promise to make you happy. You will buy stuff, maybe you even invest it cleaverly. Without the ability of self love, you will not be able to contain the money energy for long. Without truly loving yourself, you will be looking for outside validation and satisfaction and spend money on this. The short pleasure wont last and quickly the deep burning feeling of unworthyness and frustration will kick in. So without the ability to love yourself the money won’t last.

Now, let’s look at the other option. You are loving yourself. You are feeling a sense of fulfillment and happyness in your life. You know how to take care for yourself. You know how to set boundaries in life and you manage your own energy very well. You feel healthy, worthy and satisfied with yourself. Whatever then enters your life is a gift that you will gratefully appreciate. Something that adds to your daily life like a bonus extending your smile. Whatever you will do with the lottery win, will stem from a place of resourcefulness and abundance. You will wisely chose where and how to handle the money and you will know how to even allow it to grow and become more. Your loving energy will naturally increase your cashflow and abundance. Now, maybe you say now: “I love myself, but I am still broke or limited on money”. Well, do you really do?

Self love means allowing yourself to call everything in your life that helps you to flourish, grow and gain energy. You know your natural birth right and your worthyness of being supplied with any resources supporting your mission. You know you are worthy to have unlimited abundance and you know by calling it in your life you will be the best version of yourself and able to fulfill your mission. You know you are worthy of wealth and overflow of energy as you are here for a purpose and you allow yourself to follow that calling.

Maybe you now say: “Yes, I know, that’s me and still there is no monetary abundance in my life”. Then let’s be honest here. Maybe you do have this mindset already, but it is not yet integrated on an emotional level. As long as there is restriction and limitation in your life, your sense of worthyness is not yet established. And to be very honest with you this journey never stops. Self love is a continuum not a goal to reach, but a path to walk. But every step of the way you know which is the next level to reach and with that next level comes an inflow of abuncance on the spiritual AND material way.

So where on your joruney are you and what is the next level you want to reach? You say there is no money in your life, then the next level of self worth and self love is to allow yourself to extend that level. Overcome any past believes of not being worthy, of wanting to much or of rejecting the material world. If you allow yourself to be spiritually reach, but your bank account is empty, that means you are rejecting a part of your self and you do not feel worthy to claim that part back.

Ok, so are we on the same page? Your level of self worth determines the level of self love you are allowing yourself. Because when we feel unworthy, we do feel unworthy of our choices and we do feel unworthy of love and we do feel unworthy of wealth. Increased level of self worth brings you to less limited self love and that reflects on a more abundant material reflection. So, HOW can you increase your sense of self love are you asking now? Let me share some strategies with you that worked for bringing me out of struggeling every month and having debts, to earning 5-figures monthly and living a spiritually, emotionally and generally fulfilled life.

5 Strategies for increasing your self worth

#1 Reclaim your birth right

This is a summary of we previously spoke. Rememberm you came here for a reason. Your soul is on the mission of broadcasting your unique frequency on earth. The more authentically you are living in your energy, the more resourceful you are, the broader you can expend your circle of influence. And the universe wants you to suceed. In face, when you are reading this article, you are one of the souls we need to spread their light and whatever helps you to do that, will be send your way as your natural birth right and your support with your mission. Claim it, the world needs you to be in your best energy and bring your gifts forward!

#2 Gratefulness

This one is a game changer. When we focus on what we are missing in our life and we have a mentality of scarcity, we automatically tell ourselves that we are not worthy. Otherwise we would have more, right? Wrong! Energy flows where attention goes. Allow yourself to see the beauty of all the abundance that is already present with you. And combine that sense of gratefulness that you are feeling with the fact that you must be worthy of having this, otherwise it wouldn’t be there. Remembering this and just changing the perceptions leads to an increased experience of self worth and the universe will happily send you a new inflow of abuncance to meet your energy

#3 Overcoming past beliefs

First, you have to understand that worthyness is nothing you can earn, but something to allow. So stepping into the analytical part and trying to find all the patterns and beliefs that have been limiting you might not be helping when coming from that sense of needing to find it to solve it to let the magic happen. Do you understand this? If you try to dig deep to do something to fix this issue, your ego is just playing trix on you to stay in control and in the pattern or earning your worthyness. Big Mindfuck! Whenever this message is settled then you can start and see to understand all the parts of self restriction and limitation. Again, coming from the inner place of abundance and fulfilledment, allowing yourself to increase and expend your level of worthyness. I always was told that “I want too much and I am never satisfied with what I get”. That kept me from moving into my true wants and abundance for a looong time. So, get resourceful and ALLOW yourself to want more, because again, having more in life means you have more to give and that brings us to

#4 Giving freely

Did you ever hesitated when someone asked you for help? Feeling like maybe you should safe your energy or money or you might need it for yourself? And yes, you should! Giving out of a place of needing to please others, feeling unworthy to keep it for yourself is as counterproductive as limiting the giving energy out of a fear of having too less or not having enough to give. When you limit your giving energy, you are telling yourself you don’t have enough to give, which comes down to the message of you are not worthy to give. That’s such a big lie when your purpose and mission on earth is to bring your gifts to the world and that defines all the infinite worth of your being.


Maybe now at this point you are a bit confused. So should you take or give? When is your self limiting creating a feeling of unworthyness and when is the lack of self worth limiting? What I want you to innerstand is the fact that we are all connected and we are all coming from the same sourc.e and by being alive each of us has the infitine abundance inhertited in his existence. You need to be wise and observe from a greater perspective, where you can have the most positive impact. Is it more serving to give to yourself or to someone else. Each moment is a unique decision and your decisions should come from pure love and abundance. No judgement, no feelings of unworthyness, no arrogance, no scarcity. Everything that is needed to allow all of us to flourish is already existing. Earth is the most abundant planet where literally ALL that is came out of nothingness. Abundance created from nothing. So allow love to guide you. And the more you are openly tapping into that rich energy of love and self love, the more abundance you will create for you and others. Naturally, effordlessly and holistically.

That’s how your level of self love determines the status of your bank account…

So where to go from here?

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Not sure if you should? Well, that’ totally up to you! But I would say, you are worth it to at least take a look at this opportunity for yourself!

Much love and light,

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Self love and financial abundance

How your financial situation is a relfection of your self love and what you can do to increase them both Many of us grew up