The Book about the Journey

The book “The rainbow woman – a fantastic journey” is all about the external journey and travels to find back to the internal truth. In August 2017 I was hiking along the Offa’s Dyke Path in Wales. Along this walk happened the miracle of my shamanic initiation, my energetic system was rebooted and my life completely changed from one day to the other. The following two years I was traveling through Europe, hitchhiking from Stockholm to Budapest and flying to South-America with not much more than the one-way ticket I had bought. I learned to dance through life and find my inner home but read it yourself and see how the journey went.

All information, readings and the availability of the book will be online soon.

Soul Slivers

Let the slivers of your soul shine your light as bright as the stars of all galaxies.

The Rainbow Journey

We all carry the magic in us bringing light into our cells. On a physical level, the atoms are building the material structure of our bodies. The DNA, the wisdom and book of our bodies is formed by atoms, replicating to create cells, blood, hair, and everything that helps us to materialize on this earth. The light of our soul is connected to this physical form for the timeline of this life. Our soul floods the energetic system of our body like a beam of light. Fine cristal-like energy reflects the connection between body and soul. In our body, the organs are bigger complexes of cells and on a spiritual level the slivers of your soul build up energetic units holding the information on specific topics. We feel within our power, fluent in life and clear about the things we want and the direction we move to when all soul slivers are full of vivid energy and having their correct position within our system. Those energetic units can be out of balance in the same way our body can be affected due to some weaknesses within the physical system.

Traumatic experiences, feeling emotional powerless, or karmic bonds are examples of causes of imbalanced and dissociated soul energy.

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