Rainbow Meditation

The rainbow meditation is a creation through myself that I feel very connected to. I developed this shamanic meditation during a time, where I felt completely powerless and exhausted. I was in the middle of my studies, emotionally unbalanced with financial uncertainty and I knew I couldn´t take anymore. Therefore I was looking for a method to recharge my inner batteries and even more important to find the origin/root for my unbalanced state.

Visual rainbow healing journey

The meditation

I visualized my chakras and with this meditation, I not only got familiar with them but also I learned how to purify and recharge them. The rainbow pillar, that emerged from this practice taught me to protect myself against emotional attacks and to stay centered and present.

The meditation helps to feel full of life again, to find blockages in your own energy system and also to retreat and to find peace with and within yourself. The meditation is for everyone, who desires to feel all that beautiful soulfulness, all the safety, self-love, clarity and that extra thrive for life! Get that special boost for your creativity and your vitality!