the Rainbow Woman

live your full potential


The inner Sun

I identified.
Myself with you.
I am not and yet I am.
I see your eyes.
My mirror gaze.
Your black hair.
When I touch my face.
I see your beauty in my genes.
I feel your light within my soul.
I have your fire in my mind.
Your wisdom in my core.
Knowing in my heart.
You grew me up.
I miss and love you so so much.
We ran together in this world.
And I feel held when holding you.
My gentle loving shadow.
The only one that I depend‘.
The only coexisting child.
Oh, I miss.
And I love you.

When my spirit’s dancing wild.
Connecting deep to stars and earth.
I feel your touch.
I hear your voice.
And I never realized.
How much I had identified.
Myself and you.
I’ve always thought.
That loving means.
To mix eachothers‘ fingerprints.
Yet, while the image well projected.
I see the mirror‘s soul reflected.
That finding me in losing you.
Our souls so very true.
I am here and loving you.
And your arms so ever warm.
Bring me home.
Into my sun.

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