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How often are those beautiful frequencies part of our daily lives? How much room is there to explore and play with them? How often do we feel like we need to decide between the joyful intuition and the rational mindsets?

I was born as a highly sensitive and intuitive child. Easily observing, understanding, loving. I loved to connect with others from the beginning on and I was an easy child smiling, content, satisfied. My phantasy was flourishing and my dreams alive. A creative soul shining it’s light. Just doing what we all came here for.

Then some things changed. Some experiences happened and many parts of me learned to set up security mechanisms to prevent myself from pain and grief. My rational parts were strong and I wanted to fit into society. I wanted to be part of our modern world, pleasing expectations and luckily I was able to access a lot of “intelligent” resources, making it easy for me to follow the path of modern society.

I was the best girl in class, moving out from my home to dedicate my education of chemistry and biology and commit to the ration direction my life should take. I studied biological computer science and my academic mentors hoped for me to stay in University as my analytical abilities and logical rational thinking were very valuable to volunteer in science.

This was great! Yet it did not make me happy. While I more and more dedicated my education and career on following the rational parts, the voices inside were screaming loudly to release my creativity. I had put a lot of attention and effort into my psychological wellbeing to recover and heal from an eating disorder I had developed during my teens. Understanding how my own psyche worked, understanding the patterns of behavior the mechanism of emotion and getting more and more aware of how I was feeling, had helped me to balance myself, and connect to what was my real essence.

So while I have been on my personal journey to heal and discover myself, free myself from mental boundaries and limitations, I had pursued a very linear and logical path in the outside world. I am very grateful for this, as the rational path brought a lot of security and stability for me.

Yet, when I finally had finished my bachelor’s, I felt I need to make a decision. Would I like to follow the direction my life had taken? I knew it would not make me happy, but was happiness really needed in my career? I had found happiness within myself and my personal life. Could I follow a career without passion, knowing that I was clever enough to pursue it? Should I be grateful for being involved in this very interesting and important topic of biological and medical science and continue or should I do something else? And if so, what the heck would I do?

I decided to give fate a chance and apply for a master’s study in the area of sport, biomechanics, psychology, and training. This would be something fun and interesting and even tho the chances were almost zero that they would take me with a completely different background, I would have some time to explore what I was really interested in. It was a blessing to be good at something, but not necessarily an obligation to follow that direction.

Against all odds, I was accepted in the master study and while everything was flowing so easily and effortlessly I had a lot of free time to further dive into my own creativity and personal development. From a rational point of view, I started to collect experiences in sales, marketing, and business development. Those skills would lead to my company and self-employment, even tho, in a completely unexpected way. After reconnecting with my physical body through the creative sport of Parkour, I felt how Kundalini Yoga woke more and more of my spiritual abilities. I found the first persons who had shamanic experiences, people believing in the same things as I did and I started to explore the metaphysical realms.

It was in 2017 when I decided to take the Offa’s Dyke Path and hike the 275km through Wales as my personal pilgrimage. This journey should change it all. This is where the magic started! My magic! I found a much deeper connection to myself and nature than I have ever thought I could establish. Past blocks, patterns and contains started to shift and my belief system expanded. My consciousness was taken to a completely different level when I collapsed on the third day of my trip and encountered my own fairytale with god. This was my shamanic initiation. I was out of my body and ready to dye, yet feeling held and saved.

After this moment, the whole trip started flowing in a magical way, bringing synchronicities and intuitive guidance to my consciousness. Directly after the trip, I met three people who would become my teachers and friends of the shamanic and spiritual world. I left my long term partner, moved out of my flat, and started traveling through first Europe and then South America. I had many moments of insecurity, many tears were shed feeling this was the right thing to do, yet longing for home, stability, normality. I had many moments of complete bliss, feeling an indescribable joy and gratitude, full of awe for this beautiful life. I learned a thousand lessons, had the most loving teachers, and discovered my creative abilities. I found the way to channel my psychic abilities and direct the spiritual forces intuitively to help myself and others on their path.

In the past three years, I have remembered so much magic. The magic of phantasy, of creating and trusting, manifesting, and receiving. Magic of old ancient lives as priestess and medium, the magic of redirecting energy in shamanic ceremonies, plant magic, the magic of the goddess and god, the magic of this life, and multiple dimensions. There is so much magic in you!

Once you allow your own abilities to be in harmony with each other, uniting your full potential the true magic in life unfolds. I believe, we can be it all. We are all. We are humans. And as energetic, emotional, and rational beings we have the ability to think with our minds and feel with our hearts. We have our guts as the internal compass and our creativity expansion adding the magic.

There is beauty in all things. And it is our birthright to chose the things that are best for us. It does not need to be either-or. We can learn to balance the worlds empowering each other and direct the different influences in the way, we enjoy it most. Self-empowerment through knowing yourself and allowing the best of your abilities to come out will help you to be the most shining, powerful, clear, balanced, and happy version of yourself.

I am here to share my pot of experience, the learnings and teachings I was blessed with and help you to puzzle your personal pieces together in the best possible way. Having the balance of a logical mind, an open heart and intuitive guidance, I can assist you in getting to know yourself and your abilities better, freeing yourself from any mental blocks or energetic twists, help you to discover the magical creative mission of your soul and direct all this to a clear path with your life and bold realization of your business.

Intuitive guidance, shamanic healing, medium, coach, mentor, sorceress – there are many names. In its essence, the work of the rainbow woman is to share the art of balancing your potential and releasing the power of your magic self…


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