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Hiking Trips

Since my two weeks hike on the Offa’s Dyke Path, I am madly in love with the potential of long-distance hikes. Not only a challenge on the physical level but bringing openness and awareness for nature and your inner world. There is nothing better for reflecting on your own path than a decent hiking trip!

On the last hike in the height of Bolivia, I was reminded of the benefits of fasting while hiking. In this special way of hiking your whole system jumps into a self-healing and cleaning mode, the spiritual channels open and you gain more strength and power each day.

The next planned trip is a medicine walk in Cinque de Terre – Tuscany! For those interested to join or for further information for s spiritual guidance on hikes, fasting while hiking or other experiences, just drop me a message! 🙂


It feels like it is too much, but should I do more? There have always been some fears floating in just in the moment of

Self love and financial abundance

How your financial situation is a relfection of your self love and what you can do to increase them both Many of us grew up