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Manifesting Magic

Wonders or magic, that`s how I call it when things happen that seem to be incredible when your mind can’t grasp what’s going on or when seemingly impossible is happening

When manifesting magic happens you get this incredible feeling that the universe is signposting on your path telling you, you are on the right track and in the middle of your mission

Whenever I wanted something in my life, I went for it, not because it was easy for me, but because I have a tremendous amount of willpower and I always had that sense for fighting for the stuff that feels right, in every sense. For every problem in my life, I found solutions, yet this is far away from manifesting…

After fighting through my bachelor studies I had reached the point where I wondered if it really had to be that hard. Was it possible that there would be an easier path? Could it be that I would find a solution to have a stable and successful life that was enjoyable and free? Out of this curiosity, I applied for a master’s study in a completely different subject. I wanted to see what happened when I tried an unconventional path and when I just stepped out of the box. I wanted to see what would happen when I followed that happy feeling in my belly when I allowed myself to do what I want to do…

I guess that has been the start of me allowing life to be easy… I was taken for my masters by mistake, after me and a dozen other students from different subjects have been matriculated on the new subject, they told us there must have been an error and now they could not kick us out, but they also missed on the additional tests we should have performed before. Randomly? Manifested? Miracle? In any case, something completely out of the normal system happened, just at this moment I decided to be open to new possibilities. And that should just be the start of it all,

Another of those magical coincidences happened when I was ready for my next tattoo. Normally, my artists had a waiting list of more than three months, Whenever I got an insight and I knew clearly what would be my next tattoo, I called and just a moment before an appointment got canceled and I luckily was offered the free slot. Not once, not twice, three times with two different artists across the globe. Very randomly, very coincidentally…

I think one of my biggest conscious manifestations had happened when breaking up my long-term relationship. After living 8 years together, I decided to leave and as a student in Munich, it was almost impossible to find something, not to think of something affordable. Anyways, it felt like the right step and I just trusted that I would be fine. Just one week later, a friend had seen something in a neighborhood help chat and I found a magical place to stay. I paid less than I would have paid in most shared flats and made a deal with the owner to take care of his daughter from time to time, while he intended to use the flat partially as an office. Well in the end he got a job offer in another city and I had a fully furnished flat right at the river in Munich, walking distance to my job and paying less than I had when living with my ex. When you are bravely taking the right decisions in life, doors are opening for you very unexpectedly…

Living in that place I somehow finished my masters and had the call to start traveling became stronger. Just at the right moment, one of my friends wanted to move, she got the flat and offered me to take care of my things, so I would not need to move any and still have a place to stay when in Munich. I was free to travel while having the comfort and safety of my former place when coming to my city. When you know what you wanna do, there are no problems and excuses, but solutions! Whatever feels right, go for it and watch the universe taking care of you! This had been one of many meaningful gifts and support on my mission and I will never forget all this beautiful help!

With every step of trust and gratefulness, the wonders and miracles seemed to become bigger and more extraordinary. In another moment on my travels, while I was on a business trip in Berlin, I arrived in the city at 8 pm and at 7 pm I was still sitting on the bus, not knowing where I would go when I arrive. I stayed relaxed and trusted, that I would be safe while thinking of solutions I had not yet tried. Half an hour before my arrival a friend invited me to stay on the floor in her living room. I felt relieved and grateful. We had two enlightening conversations and after them, she spontaneously decided to be inspired by my travels and jumped on a flight to visit her aunt in Portugal. I was left with the keys and a beautiful flat within walking distance (in Berlin!) to my job. How blessed can you be?!

The journey to trust my light began a bit earlier. One of the most impressive moments has been the flight to South America. Just listening to a calling in my belly, telling me to go to a continent with different cultures, languages I did not know, very little money, a one=way=ticket and the urge to find out, where my intuition was sending me. All I knew was my feeling telling me I would lang in Brasil and then go to Chile after two weeks, I would travel there and probably go to Peru, maybe Bolivia I felt. I did not know, how, when, or why. I remember the moment sitting in the airplane having that internal fight. My mind was telling me things like ‘Girl, you are completely nuts, you are crazy, just say hi to your friend in Brasil and then take the next flight back home. You have not money, no job and you do not know what you are doing here. Go home, find a job, rent a flat and have a normal life.’. Well, my soul replied, not much, but saying, ‘this is right and you will know why’. I calmed myself with the same words I had calmed my granny before: ‘Whenever I have a bad feeling or something gets uncomfortable, dangerous or wrong, I simply go back home’. When I started my travels in Europe I had wished to find a community with like-minded people, healing, dancing, celebrating, and enjoying life together. I had had a vision of a place close to a city but filled with nature and a tribe of soul people where I would feel safe, connected, and understood. One day before my flight to Santiago de Chile a friend from Germany answered my message. We have met at a festival in Hungary and I had planned to meet him in Berlin when he was living there and I was traveling. In the end, he never got back to me and I had forgotten about it. I received a message telling me, that he was sorry to only answer 3 months later, that sadly he only saw my message now, as he was back in Santiago de Chile for working and that someday we might meet somewhere in the world again…’. I guess you know my reply to that?! 😀 A day later he picked me up from the airport and introduced me to his group of friends living in a magical nature place hidden in the middle of the giant city of Santiago.

It took me three more months of traveling and being magnetically drawn back to this place until I decided to stay. It was in January 2019 when I was sitting on the grass under a tree reflecting on my path and it suddenly hit me. The community, the nature place, my soul tribe, the manifestation I had sent out to the universe just before I started my travels in Europe, I had found them here! This was the place! I had expected to find it in Europe, in my mind I somehow have had the idea to find that place at the end of my travels as my future home and I thought this would be in Europe. But I have already found that place and community just on the first day I had set my feet on the ground of this country! Incredible! How could I have been so blind by my expectations? And yes of course, when this was my future home, this would mean I would not return to Europe anytime soon. Of course, uncomfortable emotions had stopped me from seeing that my manifestation had already become reality.

In a further conversation with the universe, I agreed to open my heart for this opportunity, if, and only if, I would find a job easily and quickly, as at that point I already had been completely out of money for more than a month now. And I wanted this job to pay a flight to Germany and back, so I could pick up my things for winter… a week later I had successfully completed my job interview in a German company with a headquarter in Santiago, with walking distance to my job and the opportunity to fly to Germany for assisting onsite at the conferences there. Would you still believe in fortune, when I tell you that I did not even search for jobs and found this one in a group on fb that I had entered some months ago? I had one application and got the best job that I could have gotten.

About one year later I was back in Europe as I had answered some more signs and callings of the Universe. The channels for my manifestation had been freed and open, my time and energy was flowing and I had reached the point of consciously manifesting the things I knew would be supportive on my path. I was wishing next to find a quiet space to be writing my books and let the energy settle, to get ready for the next big steps on my mission. Shortly after a friend in Ibiza heard my call and offered me to stay in her beautiful space while she was on holiday. Being on this magical island I felt it would be beautiful to stay a bit longer and ‘luckily’ the tenant of one of the casitas decided to move out spontaneously, two days before my friend returned. I moved in and stayed 6 months in this sacred space truly retreating from the world and getting creative, in every sense…

Each year I dive deeply into the grid of manifesting between the winter solstice on the 21st of December and the new start of the year on the 6th of January. In the times between the years, the veils are thinner and our manifestations can be used to read and set up the energetic blueprint of the new year. I still have the lists of wishes, intentions, and manifestations of the last years. Even the energy of each month, how to align with it, and what would be happening can be channeled in that time. Some of this year’s gifts that I have been opening myself up to are

the magical and successful business flow of the rainbow woman

the deep, heart-based, and conscious connection with my soul mate in Ireland

monetary stability and the right mindset to get all my projects running

finishing my books and finishing the coming to the end of the rainbow within my own current spiritual quest

building up and preparing for an even bigger vision that will be launched in January 2021

finding a home where I have instant access to nature, closeness to infrastructure, space, small coasts, and a beautiful energy

being gifted all the interiors of my new home while making someone else happy by receiving them

being able to help others to truly live their full soul potential while living my own abundant life

The list continues and my grateful heart couldn’t be bigger at this moment. The abundance keeps flowing and the most recent stories are truly too unbelievable to be shared! Yet, if you are ready yourself to experience a credibly incredible inflow of abundance and magic in your life, you can register for one of the last slots of the magic manifesting nights for this year’s ceremonies around the truly lightful time of the year.

Send me a message for more information on how to join and increase your manifesting capacities, find joy in the things you are doing and do everything with love, and may your life be always supportive to live your full soul potential on earth ❤️


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