the Rainbow Woman

live your full potential



It is not your task to find love, but merely to find and release all the blocks seperating you from love.

How does it feel for you to be present in love whatever you do? How does it feel for you to walk every step in a life full of love? How does it feel for you to be utterly grateful and show your heart in the outside world?

Our heart chakra is the portal to connect the worlds – spirit and matter, body and mind, human and divine. The language of love is understood in all dimensions.

With a free flowing, open heart, we are able to live our life in alignment with our inner essence, leading to the best possibilities for us, for others, for the world. This path of love is the secret for a truly wonderful life.


It feels like it is too much, but should I do more? There have always been some fears floating in just in the moment of

Self love and financial abundance

How your financial situation is a relfection of your self love and what you can do to increase them both Many of us grew up