the Rainbow Woman

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Authentic center

When it gets less interesting what others think of us, we are less tempted to manipulate and more aware of out authentic self

Authenticity and self-esteem are the ingredients for walking our path with might and drive. Trusting yourself and being conscious about who you are along with a clear understanding of your own intuition will help you to let go of any ego drive and invest your energy into the direction that moves you forward and adds to the good in the world.

Do you allow yourself the things you really want? Are you listening to your gut feeling and do you act according to it? Are you free of the judgment others might give you? Do you trust yourself and are you loyal? How does your inner yes feel?

An intuitive yes, is open, free, soft, wide and crystal clear. When we relearn to distinguish this yes and an inner no and we trust this inner answer, magic becomes reality. The world teaches us, that intuition knows ways and wisdom our mind could never comprehend, yet lead us exactly where we truly want to be.


It feels like it is too much, but should I do more? There have always been some fears floating in just in the moment of

Self love and financial abundance

How your financial situation is a relfection of your self love and what you can do to increase them both Many of us grew up