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Awakened Manifesting

Manifesting Magic

Wonders or magic, that`s how I call it when things happen that seem to be incredible when your mind can’t grasp what’s going on or

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Sananga is a magical plant that helps you to “see”. It is an extracted fluid from the roots of Sanaga combined with the essence of

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Thanks to the opened markets for CBD and THC medicine, I do not need to say much more about this beautiful plant. From a spiritual

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The might, mercy, love, and light of this spirit is beyond words. Nevertheless, I feel the urge to spread the words and frequency and share

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Plant Medicine

The shamanic perspective about life on earth has the belief that everything material holds soul energy. In this perspective, every plant, every stone and every

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With roots and wings Both sources, the roots of trust and the cosmic consciousness mark the transition spots of our energetic system. When we learned

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