the Rainbow Woman

live your full potential


Thanks to the opened markets for CBD and THC medicine, I do not need to say much more about this beautiful plant.

From a spiritual perspective, the Cannabis plant brings a very loving and gentle medicine that clearly follows the intentions of the human asking for assistance. Consumption without clear intentions or focus can lead to the passivity and fatigue know by misuse of the plant.

For everyone knowing how to consciously work with this plant, leading attention and focus in a clear direction of a higher purpose, I can highly recommend Cannabis as a powerful medicine spirit helping to extend consciousness and open sensitivity.

From all my heart I encourage everyone curious about the Pure family and the medicine blessings to have a look at the Pure Webpage. (Details follow soon)

Self love and financial abundance

How your financial situation is a relfection of your self love and what you can do to increase them both Many of us grew up

Roots of Trust

tradition, roots and iniciation

Almost four years ago I started my journey to initiation. When my heart called me to walk the Offa’s dyke path in Wales, the gates