the Rainbow Woman

live your full potential



The might, mercy, love, and light of this spirit is beyond words. Nevertheless, I feel the urge to spread the words and frequency and share some of my experiences with this plant. Due to my love for her and for the world!

We need to relearn the ways to connect to the wisdom of the plants within our modern world. Those, who received her once, know that long before the actual ceremony the plant is already guiding your through the process, giving tests, lessons, and blessings through her presence. In the actual ceremony, she continues and integrates her work on many dimensions. For me, it was first cleaning of the bridge between body and emotions, second a mental opening for letting go of the identification with the ego, and third the connection with the light of my soul.

The plant medicine holds you in a gentle caring way during the ceremony and brings a divine amount of light revealing the things we so often prefer to keep unseen. Ayahuasca leads us through this process according to her own wisdom. We can trust, let go, surrender and grow.

After the ceremony, it is immensely important to keep up the inner work to consciously deal with the topics and shadows that emerged. The plant stays in contact as long as we integrate the learnings and healing. The duration of this is individual for each of us and it is our duty to put our heart in the studies, to honor the medicine and heal ourselves, inside and outside. Only after accomplishing these tasks, I would recommend to follow her calling again.

For anyone curious about this beautiful plant, I am happy to forward the contact to save and magical retreat places on Ibiza or in Peru!

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