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called by intuition

walking through the beautiful Irish countryside and wondering with my thoughts back on the journey I have been on…

wondering how I have been called to so many places before

✨ my first longing was travelling to Canada when I was a teenager and I finally went after school, I remember working my ass of in a factory for having the money for visa and flight and then having a cleaning job in Canada for being able to stay and snowboard in beautiful Whistler

once so far away from home, I got a total different perspective and I felt I went to Canada to find myself and loose illusions

✨the next big trip was Australia and hell you can’t imagine how all the poisonous and deadly animals freaked me out, I was tensed all the time, afraid to go out and pee in the night for not being eaten by a crocodile or bitten by a snake 😅 also it was in Australia when I learned to let go of my sadness and celebrate life for the moment it is

✨a few years later my heart shouted for going on a hike along the Offas Duke path
me my backpack, my tent and not much more, two weeks alone crossing the country of Wales

a mix of emotions, letting go of old believe systems and finally removing my biggest block to ‘always do everything on my own to prove I am strong enough’
being open to accept help from others was a game changer for my whole life

✨hitchhiking from Budapest to Stockholm, another exciting 5 month on the road in Europe, having my shamanic education, guiding my first ceremonies, overcoming fears, learning trust, feeling lost and hopeful

✨then, Chile, sitting in an airplane with a one way ticket to Southamerika, barely having any contacts in that country
my mind went crazy telling me I should directly go home as soon as I land, but where was home? And I could go back to where I came any day, but first I had to find out why I was there
the Universe provided for me so very well, getting a response from a friend I got to know in Hungary, that he was back in Santiago, the day before I landed there…

random, that he introduced me to the place and humans i would spend the next 1.5 years with? leading to finding my soul tribe, learning to dance and flow

✨after exploring Brasil, Chile, Peru and Bolivia I got called home to Germany when I least exspected it

✨a truly magic time of self exploration, creation and diving deeply in my own space followed on Ibiza for the next six month, I could feel I would leave the island by mid of this year, but where and why I would be called to was still to be discovered

✨and then the call was loud and clear for me to come to the North of Ireland, coming back from my beautiful alone time to being intensely connected with another soul

each of those callings were inicitated by an initial thought appearing, a thought coming randomly into my mind without any contemplation or planning of where I would like to go next

actually i never wanted to go anywhere, i had the thought, felt the calling, saw how life was building up for me in that direction, surrendered and followed the path opening up for me

it is everything but easy to follow these inner callings. when your mind, or your emotions might tell you to stay, get comfort or rest in a place

but once you allow your soul to be free to follow the signs and walk through the open doors, you are fullfilled with magic and gifts, experiences and wonders

seeing the colors of your soul reflected on your journey

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