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Inner Truth


Heartflowing is the art of expressing what is really moving you. In order to be fully fluent, aligned and free in your life you need

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Schamanische Meditation

Als phantasievoller und visueller Mensch, fällt es mir leicht eine Situation, eine Stimmung oder Thematik in Bildern zu sehen. Die Kunst eines Schamanen liegt darin,

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Shamanic Meditation

Visual people see the world, topics or frequencies in pictures and visions. It is the art of shamanic healing to capture the energy of the

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Authentic Center


Our subconscious behavior is sending out different energy for protecting us. Therefore, we learn to have protect mechanisms in a specific situation that have been

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Eine der grundlegendsten Methoden aus den schamanischen Traditionen ist die Seelenrückholung. Hierbei werden die Seelensterne zurück in das System gerufen und integriert. Meine ersten Seelenrückholungen

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Divine Creativity

Soul Retrieval

The act of soul retrieval is one of the main tools in shamanic traditions. In this healing ceremony the missing parts of your soul –

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Meine erste Zeremonie mit meinem schamanischen Lehrer in 2015 war der Beginn meiner ganz eigenen Regenbogenreise. Besonders magisch durfte ich die erdende Kraft der Trommel

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Roots of Trust

Grounding Ceremony

back in 2015 I had my first shamanic ceremony with my teacher, I was astonished how effectively the beats of the drum are connection with

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called by intuition

walking through the beautiful Irish countryside and wondering with my thoughts back on the journey I have been on… wondering how I have been called

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