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Soul Retrieval

The act of soul retrieval is one of the main tools in shamanic traditions. In this healing ceremony the missing parts of your soul – the soul stars – are called back into your energetic system. I experienced my first soul retrieval when I was 17 years old and searching the missing puzzle pieces of my energy in order to heal. More than 8 years later I discovered the theory of soul retrieval in my education for shamanic healing practices.

Missing soulstars can be identified by a lack of energy. Whatever you try and do, in the end, it still feels like there is a hole in your system and the energy keeps leaving you. Chronic illness, reoccurring fears or the detachment of you and your emotions and stories can be further hints of missing soul parts.

In the sessions for your soul retrieval, I will guide us on a journey to find the missing piece of your soul, and bring it back into your energetic system through an energetic constellation work or a shamanic meditation.

It can happen very quickly to reintegrate the missing piece or it can take time when the healing of the topic still needs to be done in you, your ancestral linage or within the soul star itself. In any way, we will take the time for you to feel complete again.


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