the Rainbow Woman

live your full potential


The writing space

Today I just want to write.
Writing from my soul, from my mind,
from my emotions and from my life.
I want to write simply everything that is there. The scary feeling of being stuck, the longing to grow and finally shine the light that I know
inside, to be seen and heard. O hell, o lord, how do I long for being heard.
And writing, writing gives me the space,
where I fully allow myself.
I can rhyme and bring rythm to the pages
and tell stories that are the most magical
For others.
Knowing that for me,
it´s my truth.
I feel so liberated in writing,
cause there is no hiding.
My voice can flow free
and by speaking that I see,
that it´s my ego and my mind,
my emotion and inner child,
that want to express.
I am sitting here, drinking a glass of wine,
for the first time
one my own.
Not judging, but celebrating, not hiding, but using time for myself,
´cause –fuck- this is what I want. I want time and space.
And I am here to take it.
I am here to step into the slot
in that matrix that is made for me.
I am here to claim my powers, use my god given prayers and I am here not to think, but to feel.
And THAT is the only thing I want to tell.
That is my truth. I am here to feel not to think.
And feeling the words, is another way
of connecting to my soul.
Sport and nutrition,
selfcare, shamanism,
meditation, there are so so many ways to feel.
Can you finally see?


It feels like it is too much, but should I do more? There have always been some fears floating in just in the moment of

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