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Roots of Trust

When time and space are relevant, constant change is life’s stability.

The profound feelings of trust and roots, stability and security are the basic foundation for a stable stand in life. Our culture teaches us to search for those things in the outside world. A long working contract, our home, routines, and everything seeming to be stable gives us a sense of holding onto something. But what if these markers of stability are shaken? Do we find something inside to hold onto? Are we having an inner sense of security? How deep are our roots of trust? How strong is our sense of believing that in the end, everything will turn out beautifully?

The topic for the roots of trust is based energetically in the first chakra and grounds us in life and our selves. This deeply rooted trust is a gift of comfort, certainty, and familiarity in all possible situations. We feel safe, nourished, and held like a baby in the arms of a loving world. This inner sense of security gives us freedom. Freedom to walk our path, to follow our mission, and to trust in the divine powers, fate, and life itself.

Building roots of trust is the first step on our path to free and live our soul potential.


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