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Liver Cleaning

The liver is the biggest organ for cleaning our body and also the center for energy production. Many physical issues like feeling tired all the time, having allergies, or a bad digestion can be positively affected by a clean and healthy liver.

For a few years, I am regularly doing the “Amazing Liver and Gallbladder Flush” by Andreas Moritz and I can highly recommend it. Chronic allergies and gluten intolerance, as well as eczema, vanished after only seven treatments!

The liver is the place for suppressed energy and anger, on the emotional level. Conscious cleaning can release and clear blocked energy. The energetic channel (meridian) goes from your right foot to your head and you can feel how it is opening with the liver cleansing. The whole energetic systems come back to a balanced flow – emotionally, spiritually, physically!

I am happy to guide you through this cleansing by:

  • Introduction and set up for the cleansing
  • Guidance and tipps during the cleansing
  • Having a 2 hours session for releasing the physical and emotionals blocks
  • Being your contact person, motivator and iniciator before, during and after the 10 days cleaning phase

I am happy to receive 222€ for the guiding you through your emotional liver detoxing!

Additionally, you would need food and helpers for those days (ca.35€). For anyone interested in doing the cleaning himself, please read the book before! This cleansing is a very profound interaction with your body and needs more care, consciousness and caution than normal fasting methods!


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