the Rainbow Woman

live your full potential


The inner Sun

I identified. Myself with you. I am not and yet I am. I see your eyes. My mirror gaze. Your black hair. When I touch

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I allow myself

I allow myself. What a powerful mantra. I allow myself to be, to feel, to see, to act, to love, to live. I allow myself

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With roots and wings Both sources, the roots of trust and the cosmic consciousness mark the transition spots of our energetic system. When we learned

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Cosmic Consciousness

Life is in me and I am the life. Walking a self-directed path and yet trust the flow and direction of life, that is the

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Inner Truth

We truly create a space for human interaction, when communication is lead from inside of us Communication, contact, and relation are the fields opening up

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It is not your task to find love, but merely to find and release all the blocks seperating you from love. How does it feel

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Authentic center

When it gets less interesting what others think of us, we are less tempted to manipulate and more aware of out authentic self Authenticity and

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Divine Creativity

It is the highest pleasure, to receive the gifts of life through effordless flow We recognize the divine energy of creation when a new life

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