the Rainbow Woman

live your full potential

Rainbow Sparks

Rainbow Artwork

*balance* *harmony*peace* *love* *abundance*joy* *creativity* *magic* How often are those beautiful frequencies part of our daily lives? How much room is there to explore and

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Welcome to this page!

My name is Silver and I am dedicated to my heart’s mission as the rainbow woman on earth. How I started this journey, which kind

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It feels like it is too much, but should I do more? There have always been some fears floating in just in the moment of

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Awakened Manifesting

Manifesting Magic

Wonders or magic, that`s how I call it when things happen that seem to be incredible when your mind can’t grasp what’s going on or

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Roots of Trust

Hiking Trips

Since my two weeks hike on the Offa’s Dyke Path, I am madly in love with the potential of long-distance hikes. Not only a challenge

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Divine Creativity

Feminine Ancestral Line

When your mum has been a baby growing in the womb of your grandmother, you have been there already with them. When the baby is

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Energetic Constellations

The shamanic way of praying included the ability of opening for the spiritual realms and be a vessel for the nature spirits, guides, energies of

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Authentic Center

Liver Cleaning

The liver is the biggest organ for cleaning our body and also the center for energy production. Many physical issues like feeling tired all the

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Cosmic Consciousness

Body Balancing

Body Balancing is a mix of conscious, energetic healing and the method called Body Talk Access. The body’s balance is restored through five steps: Tapping

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Open Eye

Silver’s Oracle

Silver’s Oracle is giving room to the topics and emotions that are currently moving your life. It is a space to simply be, to have

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