the Rainbow Woman

live your full potential


Cosmic Consciousness

Life is in me and I am the life.

Walking a self-directed path and yet trust the flow and direction of life, that is the balance to bring the cosmical magic to earth. When we open up for the cosmic consciousness, we open up for ourselves. We leave the illusion of separation behind and become one with everything. One with every bird, every bug, every plant, and every human. We feel, understand and relate to every individual expression of the divine creator and are able to honor our path.

The 7th chakra is the portal to the information of the unity. It is the place where we become one with God, leave the material structures and enter the realms of cosmic consciousness. In this transition we ask ourselves:

How ready am I to open for my true self?


It feels like it is too much, but should I do more? There have always been some fears floating in just in the moment of

Self love and financial abundance

How your financial situation is a relfection of your self love and what you can do to increase them both Many of us grew up