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Rainbow News and Colors

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Rainbow Sparks

Rainbow Artwork

*balance* *harmony*peace* *love* *abundance*joy* *creativity* *magic* How often are those beautiful frequencies part of our daily lives? How much room is there to explore and

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Welcome to this page!

My name is Silver and I am dedicated to my heart’s mission as the rainbow woman on earth. How I started this journey, which kind

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Living a live in alignment with the feminine rythm

Since I am on my path to conscoiusly explore the divine feminine energy I explore to place the rythm of my feminine circle in the center of my life.
Appointments, work, art, spiritual work, meetings, food, house, partner, all topics in my life are now following the divine rythm of the Moon in me and it is such a beautiful and powerful experience!

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No more obligated giving!

I am so done with obligated giving.
Have you had that? One of those connections with friends, a partner, neighbours, working mates or even a family member. One of those connections where you are happily giving, but never getting something in return.

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