Body Balancing

Body Balancing is a mix of conscious, energetic healing and the method called Body Talk Access. The body’s balance is restored through five steps:

  • Tapping the cortex for balancing the right and left brain hemisphere and restart the self-healing abilities
  • De-stress tapping for more resilience and less response to any stressful situation
  • Hydro-Technique for balancing the water-system of the body
  • Immun-Technique for activating and harmonizing the physical immune response
  • Connecting the reciprocal pairs and balance the connections

I am happy to share and teach the cortex tapping technique for giving anyone the option to have a rescue mechanism against stressful moments when having overreactions or accidents.

You can find the Online-Tutorial about the technique here.

A body balancing session will take around 45 mins for 55€.

Ready for Body Balancing?