Rainbow Ceremonies

The rainbow ceremonies are a sacred space created individually for you. In each ceremony, everything unfolds naturally and is allowed to be exactly as it is. The ceremonies are in tune uniquely with your personal topics. We mirror your live subjects and blockages and crystallize out what it is that really touches you. Where do you want to be? What do you want to do? Who are your supporters in the spiritual realms and also in the material world? What are your special skills and talents? Which fears and emotions are standing in your way? And most important how can you unlock your full potential?

We work with elements from the core shamanism like soul retrieval, energetic constellations, as well as the cognitive- psychologic method of the shadowplays. By using these methods we reveal the blockages and old patterns concerning your topics, which are preventing you from the life you always wished for. Together we bring these issues into your consciousness in a very loving way and transform the shadow fields into sparkling light. We reclaim the power of your soulstars, that is released during this process. The power is originally a part of your own energy system and you will feel that you missed these parts until the day of our ceremony. We transform all these grey fields in your life into colorful and vibrant energy, so that you can feel and use it in all the areas, that had been blocked before.

Which of the following rainbow methods resonates the most with your current process?

Rainbow Colors

  • Roots of Trust
  • Divine Creativity
  • Authentic Center
  • Heartmission
  • Inner Truth
  • Clear Dreams and Visions
  • Cosmic Consciousness
  • Source
  • The ceremonies include the following:

    • A preliminary discussion, so we are aware of the main topic – 30 min
    • The ritual of the rainbow ceremony – ca. 2h
    • Guidance and support of your energetic and emotional process until the topic is integrated
    • A debriefing with feedback and reflection of the ceremony and the changes – 30 min

    As an exchange for the whole guidance through your process, I receive 333 € per ceremony. Everyone with existential fears and a blocked root chakra – send me a message and we discuss the alternatives together.

    I am looking forward to guiding you through this process with a lot of room for you, your questions, your wisdom, and your truth, so that at the end of our journey you are sparkling in all the colors of your unique rainbow and so that you can bring your own light to this world.

    Your personal rainbow ceremony 🌈
    I am pleased to be in contact with you! Let's have a free initial talk to see what is important for you and your path, and how we can work together to our highest potential.