My Journey

We all are on our journeys to grow and to be. And life is that journey. Along the way, we are meeting topics, problems, and individual obstacles. And at some point, our consciousness grows. Our consciousness for the good things in the world. Knowing that everything in the outside is a mirror of our inside. And that all our problems are blessings to assist us on our path.

This is the turning point where we focus our attention inward. The point after every step on our path actually lets us more to our selves. We grow in consciousness, self-consciousness, and free our inner essence to shine our light.

Offa’s Dyke Path 2017

The rainbow journey – how it all started

Once my mum told me that after she gave birth to me, she looked out of the window and a giant rainbow appeared reaching all over the sky. Like almost everyone, I have ever since been fascinated by this beautiful natural phenomenon and its colors.

Early on my path, different experiences had led me to a moment where I could not see much left of the glowing that had once been in my eyes. I took a decision at that moment and dedicated the next 15 years to follow the lessons that have been needed to be understood to bring back the light into my own eyes. It was a path of continuous growth and transition, a path to teaching and be taught. Among other blessings, I received the knowledge to shift and change old habits and behaviors, how to get rid of old protection shields, how to clean your own energy and how to recharge it. It was a journey to teach me to find trust in life again. After changing my mind I was able to see again the value of our creativity, how I am my own creator and how I can rely on my gut feeling for any situation and decision. It brought a great sense of wonder to see how really everything is possible from a place of integrity and love. And I discovered my own faith again. Unshakable faith in this life, in myself and in the meaning of life as a beautiful gift.

This was the journey to collect the colors back into my system, to bring all the different parts of me back to life and through that inner rainbow have those shining eyes again which have been missing in the mirror.

For the full story visit Rainbow Woman – A phantastic journey.

Präsent, in the middle of my journey, I am excited to see which paths might cross, who encounters might happen. I am happy to be a part of your personal rainbow journey and help you to bring back the powerful glow of the color of your soul.

Together we can let this world be brighter every day!

With light and love,