Awakened Manifesting

“Awakened Manifesting – living from the source of your soul!” – the ebook about manifesting from a place of love and truth. Apart from other manifesting techniques, this one is not about calling all the great stuff we would like to have within our lives, but to be able to walk your true soul path and invite all the blessings the Universe is holing for your mission. Pure, authentic creativity.

There are a lot of methods and techniques in this book that are vibrating higher than our common sense is used to. Therefore I only recommend it to those people who would consider themselves as awakened souls. Those who are already on their path of awakening can contact me for guidance!

The book “Awakened Manifesting” can be ordered for 11,11€. 🙂

Everyone who already read the book and needs some extra help to integrate the tools can book sessions for manifesting together for 111€. Manifesting together helps to feel the universal abundance more clearly!

Access the full potential
Here you can order my e-book "Awakened Manifesting" for 11,11€.