awakened manifesting fully live from the source of your soul!

about the book

Awakened Manifesting – the ebook about manifesting from the essential place of love and truth within you. In this book you`ll innerstand the art of Awakened Manifesting and Wholistic Wishes that will literally lead you to the pod of gold at the end of your inner rainbow…

living from the source of your soul – purely, authentically and in colorful abundance

This beautiful gift was channeled in a sacred space on Ibiza in between the times of the years. Now, it will be given to the world and can be ordered here! 🙂

Attention! This book is written in 4D consciousness, only buy if you are ready to read with your soul!

You will gain 40 pages packed with prayers, good intentions and practical steps supporting your manifesting techniques, such as:

The book comes together with a our monthly magic manifesting zoom session. You can decide to

This book is much more than words, guiding you trough an inner transformation to access the abundant potential of your soul…

access full potential

Here you can order your e-book “Awakened Manifesting” for € 21.99

at the end of your individual rainbow journey
you will find your own frequency